PT_Safe @EUvsVirus Hackathon

-By Robert Braun, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna

True to the CAS spirit of doing more than academic/research work, over the weekend a team formed around CAS members participated in the biggest ever Hackathon ( to bring innovation solutions to challenges presented by COVID-19. Challenges ranged from health to social inclusion issues, more than 20 000 people participated and more than 2200 pitches/solutions/ideas were submitted after three days of collaborative work. 

Thinking beyond automobility we took up the challenge of the future of public transport. With Vangelis Genitsaris from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, our group members at IHS (Matthias, Anna, Johannes, Shauna), and others (designers, computer experts, social entrepreneurs) we created the ‘PT_Safe’ team online and came up with something really cool and important: how to revitalize public transport providers (PTs) during and after the crisis with a database of best practices shared across providers, involving feedback from citizens and other stakeholders. we created the concept, a mock-up of the website, also some design and, most importantly, a video describing what we have in mind.

Please check out our pitch, do keep your fingers crossed for the award ceremony at the end of the week:

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