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Every crisis is an opportunity.

Call for photos: (auto)mobility and Covid-19

As pictures tell thousand stories, we would like to complement our blog reflections with pictures: photos reflecting on how mobilities, personal and social timespace was rearranged the world over due to the virus and the measures taken.

Please send us your personal photos about (auto)mobility life in coronatimes. We will publish them on the blog and later, maybe, create an exhibition at the Institute for Advanced Studies, in Vienna.

Please send them to cas@ihs.ac.at

By sending the photos, you agree to their publication on the CAS website, the potential presentation at a public exhibition at the IHS, and its use for creating scientific reflections on these (publications).

We want to collect your experiences related to the current rearrangement of personal and social perspectives on mobility. Please continue also to send us (personal) reflections, approx. 250 words, in an academic blog fashion (personal reflection, but also some level of learned explanation, maybe reference in literature etc.). You are, of course, invited to write about anything that is of interest to you in this specific situation animated by corona.

Please send your entries to cas@ihs.ac.at and we will notify you once it is online.

Thank you!

Tell us your stories

With the start of the Critical Automobility Studies wegpage, we want to invite everyone interested to participate by submitting to us your stories & contributions about:

  • Your ideas regarding the field of Critical Automobility Studies;
  • Reports regarding interesting events you visited;
  • Experiences you made in everyday life that relate to the field;
  • Comments about contemporary discussions in academic, policy, or media discourse;
  • Blog entries about experiences you made in your everyday life;
  • Materials to be shared which you consider relevant contributions to the field;
  • Reviews of books or articles.

To get your input published, please submit your ideas and posts by sending us an e-mail at cas@ihs.ac.at

We will then publish your blog post right here!

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